~Tribute to the Turtle~ Chrysocolla & Tourmaline Wire Wrap Necklace

~Tribute to the Turtle~ Chrysocolla & Tourmaline Wire Wrap Necklace


This hand-wrapped wire necklace boasts nine large Chrysocolla stones. The center of the necklace is a mosaic pattern of gems fit into a very strong wire-woven frame. The necklace is adorned with small fine silver and tourmaline gemstone beads.

The necklace is adjustable from 16 to 18.5 inches. Additional length can be added if needed.

The fine silver, hand-stamped discs and fine silver turtle beads are hand-made in Thailand. These silver beads add to the tribal look and feel of the piece.

Two additional Chrysocolla gemstones are attached with a herringbone-type wire weave. These sections provide some movement and allow the necklce to lay nicely over the collarbone. The stones lay flat and feel cool against the skin. They greatly enhance blue and green eyes.

The necklace is finished with a sterling chain and secured with a lobster clasp.

The deep blues and greens in these stones make me visualize the coral reef from above, as if flying in a small plane over the ocean. the colors and basic design of the piece really give it a magical, earthly appeal.

This necklace was featured in the Art + Inspiration Exhibit at the Hershey Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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