Moss Aqua Wrapped Earrings

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Moss Aqua Wrapped Earrings


These gorgeous Moss Aquamarines reminded me of the Boreal Forest along Maine's Bold Coast. This unique and fragile habitat is magically enchanting, with the sun peeking through tall conifers and moss covering the forest floor.

Aquamarine is a gentle and soothing stone and is the best stone for enhancing intuition. It’s pure and tranquil nature will help you develop a deep appreciation for the waters of the Earth, as well as protect you from drowning.

Components: Two (2) Faceted Moss Aquamarine Gemstones, Fine and Sterling Silver Wire, Sterling Silver chain.

Measurements: 2.5 inches long by 0.5 inches wide

Techniques: Forming, forging, soldering, weaving, oxidizing, and polishing

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