~New World~ Freshwater Pearl Wire Wrap Ring

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~New World~ Freshwater Pearl Wire Wrap Ring


~New World~ Freshwater Pearl wire wrap ring ~embraced in an sea-swirled wave pattern of fine and sterling silver wire. Size 8.

Pearls will connect you with your Inner Goddess Energy. They are cleansing and centering and their powers initiate purity, integrity and faith. Pearls are very nurturing, as their formation is caused by a constant state of overcoming irritable intruders.

Pearls will alleviate allergies, problems with the lungs, stomachaches, and headaches. They will stabilize hormone production, and prevent exhaustion.

Pearls are expert energy absorbers and therefore need to be cleansed often. Cleanse in water and re-charge in moonlight.

Tourmaline stones are great for increasing the positive feelings of happiness and serenity. They promote flexibility, balance, and transformation. Tourmalines are choice stones for channeling spirit and rejuvinating the mind and body. Specifically, blue tourmaline is a great detoxification agent and immunity activator.

Components: Lustrous cultured petal pearl, blue tourmaline briolette, fine and sterling silver wire.

Techniques: Forming, forging, weaving.

Measurements: Size 8, Pearl measures 0.75 x 0.9 inches.

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