~Tribal~ Chrysocolla Wire Wrap Earrings

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~Tribal~ Chrysocolla Wire Wrap Earrings


Unique Chrysocolla Earrings with hand made leverback closures. Inspired by ancient tribal jewelry.

Chrysocolla cabachons, fine silver wire, sterling silver wire

Shaped, fused, forged, wrapped, oxidized, and polished. Entirely handmade earwires with a”catch” that acts like a leverback, holding each earring securely in the ear.

1.5 inch long.

~Healing Properties of Chrysocolla~

As a powerful life-energy source, chrysocolla brings peace and tranquility, intuition, and patience. It will assist you in overcoming guilt, anger, abuse, and traumatic experiences. It increases female energy, brings calmness, and raises the metabolism. It will aid in liver detox and lower blood pressure.

Cleanse once per month under running water and re-charge with hematite.

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