The Jewelry Empress of the Oscars

My personal favorite wasScarlett Johansson


Scarlett's emerald dress by Versace and edgy haircut formed the perfect canvas for the Piaget Mediterranean Garden ear cuff set in 18k pink gold.  The cuff contains five pear-shaped emeralds, four pear-shaped aquamarines, two pear-shaped green tourmalines, and 278 brilliant-cut diamonds. WOW.

Her birthstone is Topaz, just in case you were wondering.

What I loved about the cuff is that it completed an asymmetric look with the simple stud in her right ear.  Balanced asymmetric designs draw attention- the good kind- and are hard to achieve.  This look hit the mark.

Way to go Scarlett! You are the Jewelry Empress of the Oscars this year.


Saul Bell Design Award

The Saul Bell Design competition is for jewelry designers around the world.  Presented by Rio Grande, the award is a challenge for designers to think outside the box and break through traditional methods of jewelry design.

I've entered my newest creation, the "Vanishing Point" necklace, made from fine and sterling silver wire and Tourmalinated Quartz.  Each and every component is hand made, including the individual chain links.  This piece is entered in the Silver/Argentium® Silver category.

Tourmalinated Quartz Necklace

The name "Vanishing Point" was inspired by the vanishing point technique in linear perspective drawing, where all lines converge toward the center.  I thought this Tourmalinated Quartz stone was perfect for this idea due to it's clear color with the tourmaline stranding, as the tourmaline crystals seem to "disappear" within the stone.

Wire Wrapped Necklace

Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful stone for balance.  It is a great problem solver and can help turn negative thoughts and energies into positive ones.  It will aid in detoxification of the body and alleviate digestive issues.

Healing Quartz Jewelry

Grand prize is a $10,000 gift certificate to Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.  Finalists will be announced in November.  Keep your fingers crossed!