The Jewelry Empress of the Oscars

My personal favorite wasScarlett Johansson


Scarlett's emerald dress by Versace and edgy haircut formed the perfect canvas for the Piaget Mediterranean Garden ear cuff set in 18k pink gold.  The cuff contains five pear-shaped emeralds, four pear-shaped aquamarines, two pear-shaped green tourmalines, and 278 brilliant-cut diamonds. WOW.

Her birthstone is Topaz, just in case you were wondering.

What I loved about the cuff is that it completed an asymmetric look with the simple stud in her right ear.  Balanced asymmetric designs draw attention- the good kind- and are hard to achieve.  This look hit the mark.

Way to go Scarlett! You are the Jewelry Empress of the Oscars this year.


Diamonds ~ Celebrate the Richness of the Self

Diamonds, known as a symbol of love, are also the official birthstone for April.

Diamonds are made of pure carbon.  They are not only the hardest gemstone on Earth, but also the hardest mineral.  Clear diamonds are the most popular, but the demand for colored diamonds is growing as people are being captivated by the beauty of blue, pink, yellow, and chocolate diamonds.

The "4 C's," know as Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat, together determine the value of individual stones.  "Clarity" is the word used to describe a diamond's level of flawlessness.  A flawless diamond is very rare, especially as the size of the stone increases.  Not to worry, if you have a diamond with a flaw, it can actually be a good thing.

Think of that "flaw" as a "characteristic" of your diamond.  It is like a fingerprint and is a great way to identify your stone.  If you know where this characteristic lies within your diamond, you can be sure that your diamond never gets switched when you take your ring in to have it cleaned or repaired.  Funny business avoided.

It should be no surprise that diamonds symbolize love, but they also symbolize purity, innocence, and faithfulness.  A diamond can be used to enrich one's sense of purpose and overall well being.  They increase the vibration of all stones in their vicinity, making them even more of a treasure.

Sabrinah's Art, Custom Wedding Jewelry
Sabrinah's Art, Custom Wedding Jewelry

A diamond can lesson jealousy, bring abundance, and provide a path to resolve problems using a positive approach.  These are great attributes for an engagement ring, as well as any jewelry for those lucky April birthdays out there.  Enjoy your jewelry!

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